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Foynes Yacht Club
Cooleen Point, Foynes,
County Limerick, Ireland
+353 69 65261

Latitude        52°36"54’ N
Longitude    09°06"484’ W

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Racing Events 2012

Event Date Link
October Series 2012 Oct 2012 View photos
September Series 2012 Sept 30th, 2012 View photos
Galleon Cup 2012 Sept 3rd, 2012 View photos
Knight of Glin Race 2012 August 11th, 2012 View photos
Foynes to Carrigaholt August 19th, 2012 View photos
WIORA West Coast Championships July 26th, 2012 View photos
Munster Mermaids June 2nd/3rd, 2012 View photos
May Series incl. Prizegiving May 30th, 2012 View photos
Commodore's Day May 22nd, 2012
View photos

Social Events 2012

Event Date Link
Laying Up Supper Nov 18th, 2012 View photos
Munster Mermaids 2012 June 2nd, 2012 View photos
Foynes Irish Coffee Festival June 1st, 2012 View photos
Riverfest Cruise May Bank Holiday Weekend, 2012 View photos
Video of Workday February 18th, 2012 View video
Workday at FYC February 18th, 2012 View photos

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